Hi, I’m Sam Sager

I'm fascinated by how we can renew our bodies, communities, organizations, and environment. I write to explore the connections across these areas and build things to contribute to this process..



First Stone Health

A company focused on supporting individual vitality and organizational adaptability through workshops, consulting, and coaching.

On Renewal

A podcast that explores how we can build the capacity to adapt and bring vitality to our bodies, minds, organizations, and the natural world.

Intuitive Fitness

A course and upcoming book on embracing exercise from within to reconnect with the power of the body and nurture our vitality.


Work Highlights

Building a Local Fitness Business
First Stone Fitness

Building a Local Fitness Business

Creating a Healthy Food Company

Creating a Healthy Food Company

Scaling Integrated Primary Care
Avance Care

Scaling Integrated Primary Care

Implementing Value-Based Care

Implementing Value-Based Care


Men who believe in nothing change nothing for the better. They renew nothing and heal no one, least of all themselves. We are in little danger of failing through lack of material strength. If we falter, it will be a failure of heart and spirit.

John W. Gardner

Self-Renewal: The Individual and the Innovative Society

Full engagement requires cultivating a dynamic balance between the expenditure of energy (stress) and the renewal of energy (recovery) in all dimensions. We call this rhythmic wave oscillation, and it represents the fundamental pulse of life.

Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz

The Power of Full Engagement

The more living patterns there are in a place- a room, a building, or a town, the more it comes to life as an entirety, the more it glows, the more it has that self-maintaining fire which is the quality

Christopher Alexander

A Timeless Way of Building

Health is the capacity of the land for self-renewal. Conservation is our effort to understand and preserve this capacity.

Aldo Leopold

A Sand County Almanac